Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday, which means it's time to take stock of what we're reading with Sheila's meme, hosted at Book Journey. It's Monday; What Are You Reading? is 100 posts old today and Sheila is celebrating with a give-away!

This past week I actually read quite a lot, although I didn't get through everything I was planning on reading. This means that you guys can look forward to reviews this week (as long as I get a chance to, you know, write them).

What I Read Last Week:
-Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn
-Where Do Comedians Go When They Die: Journeys of a Stand-Up by Milton Jones
-Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon
-Bossypants by Tina Fey

What I'm Currently Reading:
-Maskerade by Terry Pratchett
-Failed States by Noam Chomsky

What I'm Reading This Week:
-Coffee at Little Angels by Nadine Rose Larter (review requested by author)
-Dune by Frank Herbert
-The Book of Mordred by Vivian Vande Velde
-The Astronomer's Universe: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmos by Herbert Friedman

I also watched the film Wonder Boys, and will be reviewing that in conjunction with the novel for a challenge I'm a little bit behind on.

Happy reading everyone!



  1. Nice list - some new titles for me. Here's mine:

  2. stopping by to see what you are reading. Me, a memoir, Repairing Rainbows.

  3. Interesting selection of books. I'm posting late this week because I've been on a trip to the mountains and out of reach of the internet. Please come see what I've read.

  4. Did you already write a review for Perelandra?

    I recently finished Dorian Gray and The first in the series for DoppelGanger. And right now I'm reading Fairer than Morning...and not too happily might I add. I'm so sick of romances...

  5. Another eclectic range of books. I loved Dune. I'm sure I've mentioned that to you before. I also liked Masquerade although it's not my favourite book starring the witches. Look forward to hearing what you think of Wonder Boys. A friend recommended it since I loved Kavalier and Clay so much. Of course I have as yet to pick it up.

  6. Except for my Goodreads books to read in a year challenge I'm way behind on everything! I've decided I'm better off just enjoying my reading and not worry about things.

  7. I don't comment on these posts but I always read them. I like the idea of listing what I am reading and will be reading but I shuffle books around so much that it is hard for me to keep up with what I'm reading this time versus next time. Truth is, I'd probably confuse myself if I tried to keep a list of what I'm reading from day to day let alone from week to week. :)