Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. I do, however, have some guidelines as to what I'm looking for.

1) I prefer print copies, however I understand that sometimes this is not an option. I have access to a Kindle and I have that Adobe Reader thing on my computer. If you absolutely must send me an e-book, please make sure that it is either Kindle- or PDF-friendly. I am not currently accepting audio books.

2) Just because I have reviewed a book in a certain genre does not mean that I am accepting review requests from that genre. What I pick up from my library or a bookstore is sometimes outside of the genres that I enjoy reading simply because I like the cover or the synopsis or am trying out a new author.

I PREFER review requests in the following genres:
-Science fiction
-Quirky fiction (okay, it's not a genre, but I like offbeat books, like Numb or Love at Absolute Zero)
-LGBT fiction and non-fiction
-Non-fiction (no memoirs or autobiographies)
-Essay collections (think David Sedaris)

I WILL CONSIDER review requests in the following genres:
-Contemporary/literary fiction
-Young Adult
-Historical fiction

I WILL NOT ACCEPT review requests in the following genres:
-Christian (fiction or non-fiction)
-Legal thrillers/true crime/etc.
-Sports (fiction or non-fiction)
-Chick lit
-Memoirs or autobiographies
-Short stories

If you don't see your genre listed here, feel free to send me a request. The worst I could do is say no, right?

3) I try to review everything that I read. This does not mean that I give positive reviews to everything. I will always give an honest review, whether I liked a book or not. I might be able to read and review a book right away, but sometimes it might take me a month or so to do so.

4) I am very open to hosting a giveaway, doing an author interview, and other aspects of a blog tour.

5) My review format includes:
-book cover
-information about a book (format, pages, how I came to read it, etc.)
-author photo
-author info
-rating on the Gabriel Scale

My past reviews can be found on this page.

6) All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Just because I'm interested in a certain genre does not mean that I will accept every single book in that genre. Please include as much information about the book as you can, including a synopsis and author information.

7) Review requests should be sent to I will not accept review requests left in the comments. I will try to respond to all requests with a yes or a no, but this is completely contingent on the sheer volume of requests that I get.

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