Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Alive!

Hey everyone!

Still not back online. In fact, my computer charger died so I couldn't use my computer even if I wanted to. I am, however, planning on spending some time in the library this week posting things that should have been posted already (i.e., my reviews of The Book Thief and A Study in Scarlet, as well as my review of the film A Clockwork Orange.) I've also just posted the July link-up for the challenge I'm hosting.

I got several comments in the last week and I simply don't have time to answer them today (I'm currently at work and have been busy since I got here three hours ago), but I might do so later this week. Thanks to everyone for being so awesome and supportive and still reading my old posts while I'm away. I miss blogging a ton and am looking forward to getting back into it, however irregular my posts may be for the time being.

I have two exciting announcements to make:

1) I reached 10,000 page views while I was away! I told you I'd do some more blogger recognition in honor of that milestone and I will, just not until probably Thursday.

2) I reached 100 followers! In the last three months I've managed to get 100 of you to admit to reading my posts. :) I know that a lot of blogs do a giveaway when they reach that number and I'm currently considering doing one of my own, I'm just trying to figure out what exactly to give away as I currently have no ARCs or anything. I'll get back to about it by next week.

In short: I'll be posting some things later this week and you might get a chance to win free stuff. I'd say that's pretty awesome.



  1. Yay welcome (kinda) back! Congrats on the milestones Gabe!

  2. Thanks, Kayleigh! I'm hoping to participate in the HP Countdown today. In fact, I might do a post on last week's topic, too, if I get a chance. I really wanted to write about my favorite conspiracy theories so I'll try to squeeze that in as well today.