Monday, September 24, 2012

Bloggiesta Fall 2012

Marie from Burton Book Review suggested that I look into doing There's A Book's upcoming Bloggiesta next weekend as a way to get back into blogging and I think it's an amazing idea. I don't know exactly how much time I'll be able to devote to it as I have a lot going on next weekend, but with the Significant Other out of town for a few days and me having the place to myself, I might actually be able to do quite a bit.

Bloggiesta runs from the 28th through the 30th of September and gives book bloggers a chance to focus on some of the little things that they don't get to do very often due to busy schedules. For me this weekend will be a chance for me to get organized, get focused, and get ready for the future of this blog (now that it has one).

I plan to:
-Go through and delete my old e-mails (there are a lot of them)
-Finish filtering my inbox
-Fix some broken image links on old posts
-Come up with a basic reading list for the month of October
-Create a few more pages
-Write up my review policy
-Clean up my list of people I follow on Twitter
-Pre-schedule Top Ten Tuesday posts

Thankfully most of these are things that I can do while I'm at work on Saturday and Sunday and some might not take more than a half an hour at most.

So, thanks again to Marie for the suggestion! Go and sign up for Bloggiesta if you haven't yet.



  1. Pre-schedule top 10 posts are so handy! I'm going to do it - and also for my WoW picks. Nice list and good luck :D It's going to be great!

    My bloggiesta.