Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh Dear Gods, What Have I Come Down With?

I'm currently sicker than a dog (despite the fact that I'm working two shifts today and one on Sunday) and didn't have time to schedule anything for this morning due to a bridal shower last night. I'm supposed to be doing Bloggiesta this weekend and I'm going to try to do as much as possible but having the plague is going to make it a much less pleasant experience. :(



  1. Oh boo :( I hear that the plague is quite awful to deal with! Take good care of yourself and feel better soon. Drink plenty of OJ and get some rest!

  2. Thanks. I'm feeling somewhat better. I think the weather is mostly to blame and it's supposed to be rainy and gross the next few days. Thankfully I have the whole day off tomorrow and can sleep in. :)