Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mind of Gabe

The Mind of Gabe, my personal blog, officially came online today. Tomorrow I'm reposting something that was originally posted on this blog, but I'm in the process of writing posts for this week so there will be new content for you.

Feel free to follow me on that blog as well. If you have a personal blog that you'd like me to follow, leave a link in the comments or just follow me on GFC and I'll follow back. Let me say "follow" a few more times, eh? Followfollowfollowfollowfollow.

Okay I'm done.



  1. Ha ha, ok, I got it, going over there to follow you. :P

    1. It was more a comment on my inability to use a synonym for "follow" and instead just saying it four times in two sentences. :D

      But thanks for the follow! LOL