Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day Four

So Many Books, So Little Time is hosting the 30 Day Book Challenge. Each day for 30 days I'll be answering one question about books.

Day Four: A book you lent out once, never got back, and miss

I don't think I've ever not gotten a book back. I'm really protective of my books. If I've lent it out, it's probably something that I really loved and if you haven't given it back to me within a few months, I'm gonna go grab it back. 

Completely unrelated note: my project of doom is finished. I'm now back to reading so I should have some actual real content on my blog within the next few days. :)



  1. I loan out books all the time but usually get them back. Actually I can only think of one time I didn't. I loaned out His Dark Materials series to a friend who then moved to Australia. I now have the lovely black and white editions but it still niggles at me that I didn't get them back.

  2. Oh, and congrats on finishing your project of doom.

  3. I lent out my copy of I, Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis. It was passed around at my old job and I don't know who had it and never gave it back.

    I was really mad; I really liked that book! It was my first experience with historical fiction. The subject, of course, was the woman in the most famous painting in the world.

  4. Karen: Thanks! It was definitely an arduous process.

    Two things: one, if I were moving to another continent I think I'd remember to give somebody back their books. Two, I've never read His Dark Materials. I'm not even really sure what they're about. May have to check them out someday.

    Dorothy A: I've never heard of I, Mona Lisa. Sorry you didn't get it back.