Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day Seven

So Many Books, So Little Time is hosting the 30 Day Book Challenge. Each day for 30 days I'll be answering one question about books.

Day Seven: A book that reminds you of somewhere

I'm one of those people who has an awful short-term memory but a crazy good long-term memory. As such, I'm able to remember where I've read certain books. Because of this, rereading books tends to remind me of the places in which I've read them: in bed, on the porch, sitting on a park bench, in the library, etc.

There are, however, two books that remind me of one of my favorite places on earth (Pittsburgh, PA) and not because I read them there but because I bought them there. I have a very close friend who lives in Pittsburgh and a few years ago when I went to visit her I hit the jackpot on used books in foreign languages. First, at a used bookstore that I wish I could transplant to Rochester, I found a copy of Homer's Odyssey written in the original ancient Greek. I haven't tried to tackle it yet because my ancient Greek is at such a low level but someday when I've got a few more years of study under my belt and I'm feeling particularly adventurous I'm going to grab my copy of Liddel and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon and go to town on The Odyssey.

I apologize for the quality of this picture. My phone's camera sucks.
But you can still see the sheer awesomeness. 

The other book that I found in PA that summer was a copy of Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo (a.k.a. The Hunchback of Notre Dame) in the original French. My French is significantly better than my ancient Greek, but I still haven't managed to sit down and try to tackle it yet. I think I'd like to try to read something a little less daunting in French first (like Harry Potter or Hop on Pop) before I start trying to read classic literature en français.

Again, camera sucks. The person who owned this book before
me apparently decided that doodling on a book cover is okay.

Both of these books will forever remind me of Pittsburgh and of all the amazing adventures that my friend and I have every time I go there.



  1. I remember when you picked those books up. It was such a fun, dehydrated, day! <3

  2. MA: Except for the dehydration, it was a pretty great day. :) When I come to see you this summer, we need to hit that bookstore up again.