Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!

The Broke and the Bookish host a weekly blog event called Top Ten Tuesday. Every week they provide a prompt and book bloggers use it to create their own unique top ten list.

This week's prompt is: Top Ten Books I'd Like to See Made into Movies

This is, of course, going on the assumption that we live in a perfect world, where movies are not half-arsed attempts at recreating the books but are, instead, magnificent representations of them. So, here's my list:

1) Skulduggery Pleasant: I don't know if you guys realize it or not but I'm a giant fan of Derek Landy's books. Oh, you noticed that I've been reading the entire series this week? Well, I guess I didn't have to mention it after all. Apparently Warner Bros. actually has the rights to the books, but nothing's been planned yet as far as I know. These books definitely deserve to be brought to the big screen--live action, of course. I've actually thought a lot about who I'd like to see cast as the voice of Skulduggery and I think Robert Carlyle  has finally won the epic battle in my head between him and John Cleese.

2) Silent in the Grave: Deanna Raybourn is an amazing writer and her books are really well-done. Even though I'm a guy, I can admit to really enjoying her novels. I'd love to see what they'd look like on film, especially the first novel, which had a twist ending that I did NOT see coming.

3) Good Omens: This is actually in the works apparently and I have to say that it's been a long time coming.

4) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Yes, it's a weird book. Yes, it's historically inaccurate. Yes, I think it would make a really great film. I'd certainly go see it. The idea of watching Abe Lincoln slice vampires in half to an epic original film score is too much for my brain to handle.

5) The Landmark Thucydides: Okay, this is a weird one, I know. I don't mean the entire book--it's far too long--but I think a film about Alcibiades, the world's greatest triple-traitor, would be amazing. There has yet to be a film about the Peloponnesian War (mostly because no one realizes that it was way cooler than the Trojan War and the Persian War combined) and I think it's about time that that changed.

6) A Wrinkle in Time: Before anyone points this out, I'm fully aware that this was already made into a made-for-TV movie. And it sucked. Big time. This book deserves a film that fully appreciates how absolutely amazing it is and that doesn't ruin the characters with mediocre acting talent. I say we burn the other film and start all over again.

7) Hell: Robert Olen Butler wrote a really funny satire of the hottest place in the universe, complete with a whacked-out Satan, a demonic news station, and a cameo by Judas. Definitely not a book for everyone (some Christians may find it slightly offensive) but I loved it and think that it could make a pretty crazy film.

8) Reaper Man: Sky One has already done some pretty good film versions of Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic, Hogfather, and Going Postal (okay, I haven't actually seen that last one yet but the preview looked really good). I'd love to see what they do with Reaper Man. Death is my favorite Discworld character and this is one of my favorite books featuring him as the main character.

9) House of Leaves: I love this book and all it stands for and I think it would make one heck of a creepy film.

10) Ender's Game: I'm pretty sure that most guys out there will admit to being a big fan of this book. There have been rumors of a film for ages and apparently one is now in the works. As this is not a perfect world, I don't know how it'll turn out, but I'll definitely be snacking on popcorn in the theater when it comes out.



  1. I also had Silent in the Grave on my list - would love to see that whole series done.

  2. Wow Wow Wow! I love Good Omens! Didn't know it was being made into a film.

    Yes, a good Wrinkle in Time-- but I don't remember the tv version.

    Look like you read fun eclectic books-- glad to find your blog.

  3. 1girl2manybooks: As would I. I think Mark Strong would make an interesting Brisbane but I still haven't decided who I'd like to see as Lady Julia.

    Lesa: Thanks for the follow! I followed back because it looks like you guys do too.

    The Good Omens film is apparently being done by Terry Jones. I don't know how much involvement Pratchett and Gaiman will be having in it, but I'm watching Gaiman's blog for any news.

    You're definitely not missing much with the Wrinkle in Time movie. It was on when I was in high school so it was at least seven years ago if not longer. It was so bad that I don't think I ended up finishing it. I'm not surprised though. ABC did it for their film of the week thing they used to do and they tend to ruin things.

  4. Interesting choices! I too would like to see a few of those made into movies!

    Here is my Top Ten post!

  5. Fantastic list. Like the fact that you have a classic in there. Could be an epic film.

    I agree that Good Omens would be a fantastic film. As for House of Leaves, I wouldn't be able to watch it. I am such a big wimp when it comes to scary films and this one would be very scary (great book though).

    Skuduggery goes without saying, lol. I don't know who I picture in his role.

  6. Karen: I'm not a huge fan of scary movies either but I think I'd make an exception for House of Leaves because it would be so visually stunning. I read that book almost three years ago now and it still haunts me sometimes. I'm really tempted to reread it although I don't know if something would be lost to me if I did, you know?

  7. Thanks for following! We are eclectic readers but not too reviewish so if it turns out to not be your sort of blog that is ok.