Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Dreams Made Real

I follow a French blog called Le dévore tant, which I discovered during last week's Top Ten Tuesday. Today I found this picture on that blog:

Library (2007) by Lori Nix

It's called Library and it's a piece of art from 2007 by an artist named Lori Nix. Even though I had never heard of her or seen her work before, this picture immediately made me do a double take. I had a dream several years ago about a room just like this: a huge library with high windows and trees growing up through the floors. It's obviously not the same room (that would be a little Twilight Zone even for me) but it brought me back to that dream and the aching feeling I had when I woke up and knew that I would never see that room in real life.

I'm not huge on art; I appreciate it but I'm not an aficionado or anything. Seeing this picture, however, made me cognizant of what art of any sort--painting, poetry, novels, sculpture, music, etc.--can really do. It brings our dreams to life. It makes them real in a way we never thought possible. We as consumers and creators of art in all its forms are playing amongst our dreams.

I just finished reading Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret (review coming tomorrow) and one of the characters in that novel says something very similar about film. Nix's Library made that sentiment all the more real to me today.


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