Friday, March 11, 2011

Method to My Madness

In an attempt to give some structure to this project, I’ve come up with a tentative list of the monthly themes for this year.
  • March: dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction
  • April: religion and faith
  • May: novels of the ’60s and ’70s
  • June: 1001 Books to Read Before You Die
  • July: biography
  • August: best-sellers
  • September: banned books
  • October: horror
  • November: science and science fiction
  • December: children’s/YA literature
  • January: philosophy
  • February: love…in all it’s forms
Obviously this is subject to change and probably will change several times.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting on my thoughts so far of A Canticle for Leibowitz. For now, if you’re reading this, leave me a message with what you’re currently reading.


  1. I can't wait for April. I wonder what books will find their way into your reading list for this specific month. Definitely friending you :].

  2. Oh and I'm currently reading too many to count. But to be more specific I'll name a few.

    Thorn in My Heart by Liz Higgs

    Cracking the Genome by Kevin Davies


    Habits of the Heart; Individualism and Commitment in American Life by (a lot of people)...

  3. Nonners: While I'm not a particularly religious or spiritual person, I have a very deep respect for people who are. Right now the list includes a book by the Dalai Lama, a book on Islam, and a book on Humanism. I'm looking for suggestions though, so if you have one or two that you really like, I'd love to take a look at them.

  4. Haha, do you even have one "Christian" book on your list?? I'm not really laughing at you, it's good to have a wide range of influence. Especially if your training your self to not be run by it. I don't really have any religious books to speak of. But then again the word "religious" means something different depending on the person. I'm just really looking forward to reading your views on them.

  5. Glad to hear that someone's anticipating my upcoming blog posts. :)

    I'm still looking at a few books and some of them are about Christianity. I was raised in a Christian household so I know quite a bit about the religion so I was looking for books from other faiths first just to get a taste of what else is out there. We'll see what happens. Next month is still weeks away. LOL

  6. Yeah. It is weeks away and I'd hate to wish it away. What books are you looking at for Christian?

  7. Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman and Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton.

    I'll also be reviewing a biography of Judas in July if you're interested. It's more a look at how Judas has been portrayed throughout the ages and how he's been used as an excuse for anti-Semitism than a biography but I'm guessing it'll be a good read regardless.

  8. Interesting. Where exactly do you find these books?

  9. I had a professor in college who loved Ehrman's books and he gushed about them a lot. The college that I go to has ties to Thomas Merton (in fact our library has a room dedicated to his works) so I've heard a lot about him from people I go to school with. As for the Judas bio, I was walking through Borders one day and it was staring at me going "You know you want to buy me. I sound so interesting. Go on. You can afford me." I have a huge love affair with people in history who are misunderstood, morally gray, or just plain evil so a bio on the biggest traitor of them all was right up my alley.

  10. Haha, sounds like me when I walk through Borders, but for me it's the classics section that puts me in the poor house. Your school sounds odd.

  11. Not odd, per se. It used to be a Catholic college until the 1970s and we still have some professors who are nuns from the Sisters of Saint Joseph. There's also a Thomas Merton scholar on campus which is apparently a huge deal. There's a big global conference about him every year and we recently hosted it and everyone was like "this is the most amazing thing ever."

    I guess after a while it becomes normal but it probably seemed odd to me at first, too. I definitely get sick of the question "Isn't the school Catholic?" No. No, it is not. Not anymore. LOL

  12. Haha, apparently a huge deal. LOL, that's too funny. Well, "Catholic" is over rated anyway. Who wants to be Catholic when you can be Episcopalian?