Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Books Thursday: #1

I am, as I've said before, addicted to NPR. I listen to my local NPR station daily and, now that the CD player in my car is shot, it's what keeps me company anywhere I drive.

One of the things that I love about NPR is that they've introduced me to a lot of books. I remember one day last year I was driving home from cashing my paycheck and they were talking to Justin Cronin about his book, The PassageI literally changed course to go to a bookstore and buy it. That's not my usual response to books that are discussed on the various NPR shows, but I do keep a running list in my head of books that I'd like to check out.

On "All Things Considered", they have a feature called "Three Books..." in which writers give a list of three books (usually in a theme) that they think people should read. I've decided to start my own feature here on Gabriel Reads called Three Books Thursday. Some weeks I'll be featuring a list from NPR's website, while other weeks I'll be featuring my own lists.

This week is an NPR week, mostly because I couldn't pass up the chance to link to this list. It's called "Three Books to Help You Enjoy the Apocalypse" and it was created by Ron Currie, Jr. I'd say this is a fairly appropriate list given this month's theme, wouldn't you?

Feel free to add your own list of three books in the comments. I want Three Books Thursday to be an interactive event. :)


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