Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Books to Movies Challenge: Tentative List

A little while ago I announced that I was going to be participating in Two Bibliomaniacs' Books to Movies Challenge. Other people who are doing the challenge seem to be putting together their tentative lists, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and put together mine.

I'm attempting to complete the "Oscar Buzz" level of the challenge, which requires me to read eight books and then watch the eight movies that were based on these books. That's about one a month between June and December, so it shouldn't be a huge problem. I decided that I was going to split the books/films in half: four of them would be things that I've already read and/or watched and four of them would be completely brand new to me. This is my *VERY TENTATIVE* list:

-Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh (reread)/Trainspotting (rewatch)
-Stardust by Neil Gaiman (reread)/Stardust (rewatch)
-Casino Royale by Ian Fleming/Casino Royale (rewatch)
-A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (reread)/A Clockwork Orange (rewatch)

Brand-Spankin' New:
-Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk/Fight Club
-Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer/Everything is Illuminated
-Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen/Sense and Sensibility
-Primary Colors by Anonymous (Joe Klein)/Primary Colors

Obviously this list is subject to change, but for now this what I'm planning on. I have no real plan yet as to which will be read/watched during which month, but when I figure it out you'll be the first to know. :)



  1. Which Sense and Sensability are you planning on watching? I absolutely adore Emma Thompson (1995 Ang Lee film), but feel like the newer 2008 BBC version is truer to the book. And I love the Marianne in that one!

    I loved Everything is Illuminated. The book and movie are different in style, but the story comes through.

    Having fun reading your blog... keep up the posting.

  2. Good picks! I really wanted to reread A Clockwork Orange but I decided not too since I have so many new reads I'm dying to start, plus I just used the film in an assignment at uni. Looking forward to your reviews on all of these!

  3. ifrances: I'm not sure yet. I knew that there were a few but I figured that when I got to that book I'd pick whatever one was most available (i.e., at my library). I've heard such good things about Everything is Illuminated and I'm really excited to read it.

    Glad you like the blog! :)

    Kayleigh: Thanks! I wasn't supposed to do A Clockwork Orange because it was on the list for this month but there's no way I'm going to get through all of those books without a time-stopping device. Actually...that's not a bad idea.

    Looking forward to your reviews, too. :)

  4. Half my blimmin bookcase has been made into films! I have had Fight Club to read for years now.

  5. Nice variety! I've been wanting to read Fight Club for awhile now. If things go well, I hope to add a few to my list later in the year...

  6. Do short stories count? I just wrote a post on short stories turned into movies which is interesting to me, but presents its own challenges. Either way, you've got a nice list so far.

  7. Ellie: I got Fight Club, like, four years ago, I think. It's been sitting there all this time just staring at me intently, wondering why I wasn't picking it up. :)

    Two Bibliomaniacs: I may end up with a different list altogether, but I'll keep Fight Club on there regardless. I think everyone has seen this film except for me and this gives me the incentive to watch it.

    Miss Good on Paper: Thanks. I'm guessing short stories count, too. I'm not a huge short story fan so I wasn't interested in adding them to the list, but I doubt the hosts of the challenge (the awesome bloggers at Two Bibliomaniacs) wouldn't mind.