Monday, June 20, 2011

The Book 100: Update

I had posted this earlier this month about something called The Book 100. Basically, it's a list of 100 books that are within a genre in which you are personally interested in writing. I cheated a little a chose sci-fiction/fantasy and will be reading fifty books from each genre. Rather than a challenge, I'm considering this to be a goal, instead, which will be kept track of in the "Extras" section of my blog. There's no time limit or time frame, just an eventual goal of 100 books.

I've also decided that, rather than compile a list ahead of time, I'm just going to add books to my list as I read them until I have fifty of each. It saves me time and makes this a lot more fun and spontaneous. Keep checking back to see my reviews of these books.



  1. Glad to hear this is going well! How are you keeping track of your books? I kept notecards on each book with a brief summary and other details that I may have admired (or disliked). I'll forget those things otherwise!

    -Miss GOP

  2. You know, I hadn't thought about that. Obviously I'll have my reviews on this blog, but I like the notecard idea, too. Thanks for the tip!