Sunday, June 5, 2011


While I've still managed to blog every day this week, things have been pretty dead around here review-wise. In between a three day weekend, work, and carting people around all week, I haven't had much time to read. Nor, really, have I had much of an inclination to do so. I'm happy to report, however, that I'm about 200-odd pages into my reread of Clive Barker's Imajica--which would be so much more impressive if the book wasn't over 800 pages long. I've removed a few books from my list this month and am taking part in a two-day read-a-thon, so I should still manage to post at least 10 or 11 reviews this month. I've just gotten off on the wrong foot, I guess. 

I also have two announcements: 

1) I just hit 80 followers yesterday!

2) Although I'm no longer accepting awards due to not having the time to do all the requirements that go along with them, I wanted to send you all over to Bibary Bookshelf, run by Sally Sapphire, who just awarded me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. With its focus on LGBT literature, Bibary Bookshelf is a blog that's right up my proverbial alley, and I'm glad that she thought of me. 

And now back to reading.



  1. Congrats on hitting 80 followers and the award Gabe!

  2. whoa, eighty followers, i wonder when i am going to reach that, nice blog you've got there, would you take a look at mine, would love a follow back if you like what you see, thanks.

  3. Kayleigh: Thanks!

    J.O. Jones: Thanks for the follow; I followed back. :)